It was the desire to make a statement and build a legacy which drove our founder and creative director Adriana Abascal to embark on her new venture that is Skorpios. Not only is the brand’s name a byword for passion and dedication, it is also quite fittingly, a tribute to Adriana’s astrological sign. A true reflection of the international and iconoclastic lifestyle of its founder, Skorpios embodies an aesthetic of effortless sophistication and has strikingly created a distinctive balance between old world elegance and modernity.


Through Skorpios, Adriana’s intent is to create a line that is simultaneously refined and demure without becoming boring and mundane. There is always an element of fun and personality in her creations.


We at Skorpios are dedicated to our social and environmental responsibility. Not only do we contribute by providing employment to women from underprivileged communities, but we have committed to sustainable, ecologically sound manufacture. Our ambition is to create a product of such quality along with timeless design, that our shoes will be cherished forever. Promoting our Skorpios devotees to consume in a more responsible way.


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